Orange cat of wrath

Rarrrrrr! This is a kind of creepy cat. I think maybe it’s just a bit frightened and trying to make itself look big and menacing!

Next week I’m off on holiday to Australia! Hurrah! This is why I am poor. So probably no more pics until I get back. Sorry, yes boo. But am planning to keep an illustrationy-diary type thing (technical term that!) while I’m away, then will post the pages up when I get back, so you can all see my jolly exciting adventures. Follow me on Twitter (here) for a tweety-tweet when I’m back and posting.

In other news- someone rang my doorbell today to point out that a pile of crud was on fire outside my flat, because that is just the sort of random thing that happens to me. Eep! So I went and got a bucket of water and put the fire out. Then the fire brigade turned up. I suppose one of our neighbours must have rung them. So they weren’t too impressed to have been called out for a smouldering pile of rubbish.

Illustration of a weird ginger cat

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