Where’s your homework Mr Potter?

Professor Lupin is not impressed!

I’ve been busy, having fun cutting up bits of paper! My life is very rock and roll that way. I was working on this picture of Harry, Ron and Hermione with Professor Lupin which I put in a frame for Mum.

This scene never actually happens in the books but it struck me that the one teacher you really don’t want to annoy with late homework is the one that turns into a werewolf! Plus any excuse to draw a giant wolf. It’s just so much fun!

Papercut of Harry Potter and a werewolf Professor Lupin in the forest

Here it is from another angle so you can see the layers a bit more- mmm nice paper!

Papercut of Harry Potter and werewolf Professor Lupin closer up

And here’s a real close up to see some of the details (yes I started a sentence with ‘and’… it’s just how I roll). I liked the green mist but it wasn’t as transparent as I hoped, may have to do some experimenting with tissue paper…

Detail of papercut with plants and grass

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