I made a rabbit for Katherine- hope he is behaving! I got a sewing machine as a birthday present and finally got round to trying out some ideas. Tee hee, he is a little bit mischievous. I made some other things but didn’t remember to take a photo of them- d’oh. Will have to make some more nonsense soon!

Close up of a rabbit made of fabric

It’s the wonky ear that really makes me chuckle.

A rabbit made of fabric with a wonky ear

And even a cotton tail!

Close up of a cotton tail on a fabric rabbit

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  1. Lara I’ve only just come across your website via evil Facebook. I heart it! I love the new post with Maggie’s eight basic moves, and I think in fact that Harry shares several of them.

    Also saw this post re. my rabbit. To answer your question, he is very well behaved in the daytime but he does have a tendency to play up at night. But I love him all the same…

    Hope all’s well with you, Steve and Maggie – and that we can get together for dog-walking mayhem very soon,

    Love Katherine

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