Maggie’s eight basic moves

I realised the other day that everything Maggie does inside the house is basically one of eight moves. When she really wants some dinner, for example, she combines the classic Nose move with the Saddest Dog move to great effect. If that ever fails (perhaps because I am a heartless woman and she has just been fed) she will then try the Collapse and Saddest Dog combo.

Then she gives up and steals my tea when I’m not looking because I’m typing… a blog… post… Damn.

An 8 panel cartoon strip showing a dog doing 8 different things

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  1. Love. My Scout has a similar set of moves. These include “I’m starving, gimme some of your burrito”.

  2. I REALLY love this ilustration about your dog.Dogs are the most important of my life,so thanks for doing something so real and cute.Cheers!

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