Tesi and Mike’s wedding papercut

I’ve been wanting to share this for ages but it was a present and I had to wait until I had given it to Tesi, just in case I spoilt the surprise!

My lovely friends Tesi and Mike got married in Granada last year and I was lucky enough to be there! It was such a fabulous day and a beautiful place. Right now, in chilly, soggy, cloudy England, it seems even more lovely! *sigh*

So here is the papercut I made for them. The background is fabric with a gold pattern printed on it. I was going to use it with the gold side up, but for some reason I liked it better upside down!

Papercut of the words 'Tesi and Mike' with flowers, butterfly and swan

Here it is closer up!

Papercut of the words 'Tesi and Mike'

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  1. Yay!! It’s mine! My precious!! I’m so proud of it, as proud as I if had done it!! The best present ever, thanks you so much Lara, and thank you again for coming. Besos!

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