Mountain mural

Sorry for the delay posting- I’ve been busy drawing on people’s walls! Nono, it’s ok I was supposed to. It was a mural for the lovely Dan and Vicki and it was great fun to work on. Sadly I wasn’t able to get the whole image finished over the weekend, so I now I have a great excuse to go back and visit them again soon!

This is the design I created in Illustrator

A mountain and valley drawn in blue outlines

Here is me working away with my lovely assistant Maggie (who has a broken toe, which is why she has to wear that really nice pink bandage)

And here is a close up of a bit of the mountain mural. I’ll take some more photos when I go back to finish it off! If anyone fancies having a go at this themselves, I used light blue posca pens and they were lovely!

Close up of a mountain mural

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