Wuthering Heights – work in progress

Finally a new post! I know, seems as though I have been very quiet recently. But I have actually been busy beavering away on a new illustration. It is a re-imagined cover for Wuthering Heights which I was invited to do as part of a big illustration project. Here’s a little peek so far.

close up of a girl's face with long flowing hair

It’s been fun to work on and I can’t wait to see what the other illustrators do for their books. Check out http://www.doedemee.be/ for all the details. The basic plan is that lots of illustrators get involved, do some fab posters for the top 100 books (from an Observer article a few years ago- don’t blame me if your fav isn’t in there, I didn’t make the list!) and then we raise some money for literacy charities by selling them. Yey!

Once I’m finished I’ll be writing a process post so you can see all the scruffy stages and half-finished scribbles that went into this design- so stay tuned!

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