Game of Thrones- Everyone hates Joffrey

I’m only half way through book 2 of the Game of Thrones series (and haven’t seen the TV stuff yet), but Joffrey is a hateful little git isn’t he?

(Spoiler warning) When he got his knights to hit Sansa and then dragged her up to the tower to see her father’s head, I was thinking how great it would be if…

A girl pushing a young king off a castle tower, while disembodied heads cheer!

Go Sansa! Yey! He deserves it. All the heads on sticks agree. Here they are a little closer up because the skull on the left makes me chuckle.

Four heads on sticks saying 'yey!'

And here is a close up of Sansa, looking determined. Yeah! Get him!

Sansa pushing Joffrey off a tower

Sadly this didn’t actually happen. I suppose I will have to wait to find out if Joffrey gets what he deserves. Don’t spoil it for me… no wait, screw it, go on spoil it! Tell me someone pushes that little jerk off a roof!

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