Off Life quick draw!

On Thursday night I went along to Off Life‘s quickdraw event at the House of Illustration and had an excellent time scribbling away and chatting to people! Wish I hadn’t had to run home as soon as it ended. Off Life do a quickdraw most Thursdays on Twitter, so follow them and play along next time!

The basic idea is that they call out a theme and you have 15 minutes to draw something. Working quickly with pen and paper was good for me as I spend most of my time working digitally and probably rely a little too much on the good old undo function! Anyway, here’s some quick snaps of my doodles from the night.

Theme: my daily nemesis. This guy. Dah, I swear I had a cup of tea just a second ago!

sketch of a monster stealing a culpa by Lara CrowTheme: housewarming. I originally thought of a burning house but figured that lots of people would draw that, so I pondered it for a bit longer and for some reason imagined giants roasting houses on a spit. But hey they’re not total monsters- they shake the people out of the house first.

Doodle of cyclops toasting a house on a spit by Lara Crow Theme: what I think about while drawing. This one got a bit meta. I am often thinking argh, stupid stupid hands. Stupid pen! Stupid paper! Why won’t you do what I want you to do?

Sketch of a girl looking at her hands by Lara Crow

Theme: the other side of the computer screen. Haha, remember this guy? This pic got a bit scratchy and rough, perhaps it was the rage coming back after all this time. *shudder* Oh god, what if it’s still in there somewhere, just waiting for me to look like I am writing a list or a letter…

Sketch of those cursed paperclips! by Lara Crow


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