7 days are up

Ah diary week. There are 7 pages now added to the Canada travel diary and new ones will appear each day. I know you are bloomin excited to read more about bears, hats and soup cake. Stay tuned for all that… and more! MOAR!

Doodle of misty woods by Lara CrowDay 7 just appeared. Here’s a little peek at the misty mountains. So atmospheric and lovely.
I’d like to just sit and draw them all day, but had to satisfy myself with quick doodles as we were driving quite a lot to get to Tofino.
Walking on the train tracks by Stephen Ingram


Day 7 also includes me and Steve walking along a disused train line. It was excellent in a weirdly lonesome post-apocalyptic way. We didn’t see a soul and it was eerily quiet.

Here’s a photo Steve took of me wandering down the tracks. He didn’t enjoy walking over the bridge, which was very high, with big gaps between the wooden slats- so fair enough, no photos of that bit! I was thinking about zombies and feeling a bit ill-prepared. Didn’t even have a cricket bat.

Cricket bat doodle

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