A happy ending


I just added the last page to my Canada diary.
Hope you’ve found it vaguely entertaining!
Despite stressful times at the start when Maggie was missing, it was a lovely holiday (but I was glad to get home and see the troublesome beastie too)!

Here’s the happy little (well, quite big really!) runaway hound- untroubled by her adventures and looking pretty cheery in the park!

I’ve also just started a little cartoon of all the things she has chewed up that she shouldn’t have. Can’t decide if she just loves the taste of cardboard and plastic or if some of them are comments on my poor taste in films. Will try to put it up soon.

I spent most of today decorating the flat, M was unimpressed with this and my failure to post her picture sooner! Apologies disapproval hound.

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  1. love happy endings including waggy tales! {Not misspelling} The graphic travel diaries are a brilliant way of evoking a holiday etc. Wish I had done something like that. Might remember where Ive been!

  2. love your Canada diary really detailed and funny. Amazed how you remember all the place names. Do you make lots of notes as you go? Tiny sketches are really fab- you haven’t lost your touch!

  3. Thanks! Yeah I do the diary each evening otherwise I’d forget so much. The only time I didn’t do that was while Maggie was lost because I didn’t feel cheery enough- on those days I just wrote notes about what we did so I could catch up with the diary later!

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