week 2 of diary- thinking about werewolves!

14 days of nonsense for you to read about are now in the diary. Not much more to go! On day 14, Steve and I saw some ridiculously turquoise lakes and had conversations about loup garou
(loup garous?). Digging your jean-shorts there dude.

doodle of a werewolf by Lara CrowI find the idea of werewolves quite interesting. I’ve got a couple of books about monsters called Beasts (which are so beautifully illustrated, you should definitely ask someone to get them for your for your birthday) which have lots of different monsters from around the world. A lot of them are cautionary tales for children- don’t wander alone near the lake or the lake monster will get youuu etc etc. But I find it interesting that so many of these beast tales involve a human becoming a full-blown monster for doing something ethically monstrous. I like that it sort of ties the two ideas of ‘monster’ together like that. I’m sure there’s a thesis in there somewhere.

Anyway they’re great books- here’s a pic of one (open at a cheerier beastie!) on my scruffy desk.

Photo of Beasts book

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  1. Like the simple style you use either cartoony or sketch- looking through illustrations like those that look like they were dashed off by a sure hand in seconds- less seems to be more somtimes! Nice loose images. Plus also like the little marmot with the brolley on your desk! Who’s he? he he.

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