Feeling weird like a wobbly werewolf!

Ah the exhibition is finished now. What fun it was! Thanks to the people who bought prints- hope they are all behaving themselves on your walls!

I’m feeling a bit coldy and wobbly today and what with the storm outside, I thought I’d sit down and write a little post about this wobbly werewolf illustration. He’s one of my favs I think.

Werewolf illustration by Lara Crow Scruffy doodle by Lara CrowHe started out life as most of my work does, as a little scruffy doodle on some scrap paper. Here it is, with some trees which I ended up changing in the final version. Ha- green biro for the win!

It’s not very impressive sounding but I often end up doodling stuff in green biro, for some reason I find it takes the pressure off compared to black. I’m all like, pah, doesn’t matter if this turns out rubbish, it’s just a stupid green scribble. The green is somehow more forgiving and I suppose on some level I hope it makes me think about things more organically. Or possibly I just happen to have that pen lying around a lot.

I wanted this guy to look alarmed. I was pondering werewolves (apparently I do this quite a bit) and how a lot of artwork tends to show people turning into one, rather than one turning back into a person. I was thinking about the moment when the wolf starts to turn back to a human and suddenly knows he’s a monster and looks in horror at his own hands, realising the terrible things he’s done. But that’s a bit heavy, so I gave him some scruffy jorts as well because they make me laugh. I was tempted to make them purple like the hulk, but no, that’s probably a bit much.

Originally I doodled him in a wood, but the more I worked on this, the more I felt it needed to be more open and lonesome, so the cliff appeared, with the jagged forest below. For some reason this is how I imagine the landscape around the castle in Dracula (which I re-read the other week) only probably without the jorts. Haha, jorts.

So yeah, that’s a little bit more info on one of my favourite recent pieces of work: the werewolf. He is available as a print if you like. Or as a rather fetching mirror. I’m sure I’ll do another werewolf illustration sometime soon, they are just too enjoyable!

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