The Golden Mario

Steve turned 33 recently and to celebrate this, we had a MarioKart party! Because we are grown ups now… Yeah.

mario-1Getting into the true spirit of the thing, I decided to make a Golden Mario trophy for the winner of the championship. Inspired by this party idea post on Offbeat Home.

Here’s everyone’s favourite plumber being sprayed a lovely gold. I bought the vinyl figure online and planned to just spray him, but the spray didn’t take very happily to the vinyl. I ended up priming him with a couple of layers of watered down PVA glue, which worked brilliantly.

What was less brilliant was that Steve later stepped in the bowl of glue I’d left on the floor…
a nice little reminder to tidy up during your craft projects people!

mushroomsDespite hating actual mushrooms (come off it, they have gills and grow on dead stuff for goodness sake, don’t get me started I could rant about their creepiness all day) I also made some mushrooms.

Look at these little guys in a row! Now that’s the kind of mushroom I can get behind.

I already had lots of paper lanterns, so that was handy. Adding the paper faces and dots didn’t take long. Shame I didn’t have any green ones. Those are obviously the best.

The estate agent who happened to be looking round our flat at the time definitely didn’t think it was weird decor… not at all.


Maggie did not enjoy the party, (despite getting a lot of fuss from everyone) because celebrations got noisy when the trophy was handed over.

She doesn’t enjoy party poppers or people jumping about, but she did rather like the Mario. And the crisps that fell on the floor, which she selflessly helped to clear up.

I’m afraid despite this sad face she pulled, she had to let the Mario go. So long Golden Mario, see you at the next MarioKart Championship!


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