Here’s a little chap I’ve been working on this week. Probably should have been drawing something sensible but instead drew this awkward astronaut, who is also a crocodile. He’s all uh… excuse me? Guys? I have a problem with the controls. Yeah, no opposable thumbs…

Astronaut crocodile illustration by Lara Crow

I was having a bit of an off week and this little guy really cheered me up. Thanks dude! I don’t often use a lot of orange, so this was a good push for me. It just has such a strong space flightsuit association (not least because of this for me!). I kind of want those boots… I may make a print of him sometime, or perhaps draw him some astronaut buddies.

And because I find it interesting, here’s a gif showing the initial sketch (green biro again!) and the layers that make up the final illustration. It’s pretty close to the original sketch, I usually change it quite a bit more than this. Not so many layers this time either. For once I managed to restrain myself!

Lara Crow illustration

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