Beastly plates

Bear platePlates! I meant to write a little blog about them a while ago but only just got round to it. Ah plates, so much fun to draw on! It’s really satisfying starting with a shiny white circle and working into it. Also, of course each one comes out a little different.

I’ve been experimenting with different pens and different colours, but I think the stark black on the white plates look the best! The coloured pens I’ve tried just don’t have the same oomph.

The plates can be cleaned gently, but aren’t really dishwasher proof. I did try out some pens that claimed to be, but they didn’t give such good lines and when I tested them, they weren’t any more dishwasher proof! Tsk, rotten pen liars.

I take commissions for special beastie plates. Dogs looks especially rad, so email me if you’re interested!

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