Diary is all done

diary-flipThat’s it! I just added the last few pages and you can check out the whole thing here. Hooray! Here is a little gif of all the pages for your entertainment.

I do these diaries partly because I have a bit of a poor memory. I remember the big things from a trip, but without drawing them, all the fun little things that happened while I was travelling would slip away, which is so frustrating. I have quite a visual brain, so keeping a diary works well for me. The daft scribbles help bring everything back way more powerfully than just words would!

So I guess they’re mostly for my benefit… but I hope you enjoyed seeing the pages too!

Anyway, thanks again Canada. As always, you are a bit lovely.

Oh and did the hound miss us? Nope, not one bit. She had a great time at Mum’s and seemed quite miffed to be back slumming it with us.

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