Secret 7″ and moving house

Hey folks, been busy moving house but since unpacking boxes and weeding the garden don’t make very exciting pics, here’s something I worked on a while back for this year’s Secret 7″ exhibition. Sadly they didn’t go for this one, but it was great fun to work on. Nevermind little horse dude! I still like you.

Tame Impala record cover front by Lara Crow

I chose the Tame Impala song ‘The Less I know The Better’. Listen to the track here. It grew on me more and more as I listened to it and I wanted to do something that was a bit trippy, a little melancholy but also had a sense of humour which is how their song struck me. This lonesome horse and his skull buddy seemed to do the trick!

And a little pic for the back of the record sleeve- didn’t want to give away the song too much but I love that line! I think the horse’s expression sums up the irritation and general malaise of being told to pull yourself together by a skull. Oh shut up Trevor! I didn’t even invite you on this space voyage.

Tame Impala record cover back by Lara Crow

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