Floating islands

I’ve been updating my portfolio recently with some front covers, though there’s still a lot to do! In the meantime I thought I’d share a more detailed pic from one of the covers I did for Nature last year.

The brief was to create an illustration about things being separate but connected, particularly by bridges. I quite often get fairly open-ended briefs like this and I’m really lucky that the Editors are very supportive about the ideas I come up with!

This is just a small section of the final image, (which you can see here in full) but I wanted to share it because I was really satisfied with the little details in the island itself, which got a bit lost in the larger image. It’s a bit of a new direction for me style-wise and I’m keen to explore it a bit more when I get a chance. Floaty islands!

Floating island cover by Lara Crow

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