Greenery illustration by Lara Crow

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on recently. Playing around with different textures and enjoying myself by using allll the green. I find this colour so calming to use, it makes me happy! Plus plants are always a delight to draw.

This guy actually started life as a scruffy doodle in the tiny calendar I carry around all the time in my bag. Sometimes I find a sketchbook makes me feel some weird pressure to do a ‘good drawing’, whereas I never feel like that doodling in the margins of the calendar or on the back of an envelope! It’s pretty daft I know.

Here he is, looking worried! I liked the eyes in the original sketch but in the tidied up version it just didn’t work as well. I still like the scruffy doodle, maybe I’ll have another pass at it sometime and use a different colour palette or something. Or just draw even moarrr plants! Yeah!

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