Expecto Patronum!!

Feeling cold and faint? Like you’d never be cheerful again? Dementors may be in the area, take care, stay alert and remember muggles can’t see them and may need your help. Summon up your happiest memory and kick dementor butts with your faithful patronus!

Potterish self portrait by Lara Crow


Here’s a little cartoon of me (go Hufflepuff!), with my lovely deerhound patronus. I took the test on Pottermore and was pretty chuffed to find my patronus is rather like Maggie! That’s a good dog. (here she is, looking very fierce and threatening)

I’m having so much fun with this that I’m going to open up commissions for patronus cartoon portraits, partly so I have an excuse to draw some more patronus pals.

If you would like one for a friend (or yourself) then get in touch! I recon they’d make a fun pressie for the Potter fan in your life! 😉

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