Diary is nearly done!

Hum, so it’s been slow progress, but that Vancouver diary is almost done! All the pages are tidied up and I’ll be uploading them soon. It was quite strange for me working on some of these pages. We lost Maggie for a few days while we were in Canada but I sort of forgot how worrying it all was until going back over the pages! Yikes!

Anyway, more of that soon, but for now here is a little cartoon of a bear- no we didn’t get any bear spray, even though the place we were staying said it was a must! Eep. I did think about bears a lot though. Bears.

Bear cartoon by Lara Crow


Working on a travel diary

I’ve been a bit under the weather this weekend. Those stupid microbes insist on ruining my day! But I have had a chance to work on my Vancouver travel diary a bit. Lots of scanning and tidying up pages. But soon, soon it will be finished and you can read all about Steve’s and my adventures!

Until then, there are other diaries to rummage through up there in the menu. Also here’s a little snap shot from Vancouver day 3- visiting the aquarium! Aww cute octopus.

Octopus cartoon doodle



Happy New Dinosaur

It feels a bit late to wish you a happy new year, so I wish you a happy new dinosaur instead!
Here’s one playing the concertina. That’s how dinosaurs might well roll if they were still around.
(Well… that and ruin all John Hammond’s plans while offering a nice intro to chaos theory into
the bargain)

Dinosaur playing concertina illustration

It’s been a busy few weeks but I’m working on some fun stuff that I’m really looking forward to sharing with you – so stay tuned and I’ll post about it soon. Also more dinosaurs because hurrah dinosaurs!


Gallery of Mo sneaky self-portrait

Self-portrait by Lara CrowIt’s November and I’m donating my time as a Gallery of Mo artist again- huzzah! It was loads of fun last year. I’m looking forward to seeing some more facial hair going on around this fair city too, come on gents it’s dapper and the ladies love it!

Here’s a little peek at my self-portrait for the gallery. Yeah that’s a tiny wolf on my head…
what of it?

Fancy a lovely portrait of yourself with a tache? Head over to the Gallery of Mo website and donate some dosh to a good cause! There are loads of great artists taking part.


Meeting notes

I was in a meeting the other day that went on for hours. I say meeting, it was more like a lecture except I didn’t learn anything. Anyway, looking over my notes, I think I may, *may* not have been enjoying it. My fav bit might be the little bird legs at the bottom, as if a bird just keeled over with distress.

Argh doodle by Lara Crow


Doug and Clare’s invite

Congratulations you guys! My lovely friends got married yesterday and it was fab! Having recovered from a slight hangover and sore feet from too much stupid dancing, I feel now is a good time to post their invite!

It was great fun to work on! Brutalist architecture is interesting, I’ve never really looked at it properly before. Doug and Clare had good ideas about what they wanted colour-wise (I love it when people know what they want!) and because I don’t usually use yellow and grey- it was a good challenge for me!

This was the front of the invite

Wedding invite illustration (front)

Here’s the infographic-y back!

Wedding invite illustration (back)


Fir Tree Cottage cover

I posted a little detail picture of this a while ago, but here’s the finished cover! Originally it was a bit brighter, but the author felt it needed a little darker, more melancholy feel to it and he was right. Had great fun with layers of textures! I like this style, I may play around with it a bit more often.

I’ve read some extracts, but so want to read the whole book now. Mmm book, come on publisher! Why not follow Marcus on Twitter and read all about it? (and while you are at it, you might like to follow me for updates about new projects, tea, doodles, dogs and being chased by cows)

fir tree cottage cover illustration