Self-portrait as a monster by Lara CrowLara Crow is an illustrator and cartoonist, living in leafy suburbia on the outskirts of London.

She likes tea and biscuits, dogs, computer games, rainy weather, books and geekery. She dislikes mushrooms and the sound of ice cubes scraping together.

Lara does most of her work digitally but enjoys chipping away at papercuts and the odd hand-drawn cartoon too.

Currently employed by Nature Reviews as a Senior Art Editor, she has also created illustration work for Elsevier, BDP Media and Cambridge University, as well as book covers and the odd wedding invite. She does freelance work, so get in touch and say hi!

For tweety tweets, follow: @toasty_monster
For sketchbook and dog photos, check out: oi_crowy on Instagram.

She hates writing in the third person but what ya gonna do?

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