Why has it been so quiet and SALE!

Hello! Sorry it’s been rather quiet around here recently. I’ve been a little bit busy because I had a baby! EEK! Yeah, so that’s been pretty full on and I haven’t had a chance to update this site until now. Being a parent is scary as hell, but an endless source of comedy so hopefully I’ll be able to share some of that with you.

Look at this tiny bean. Yikes, how am I someone’s mum? That’s just madness.

Anyway, to celebrate the arrival of the bub, I’m having a sale on the stuff on my site, huzzah! So maybe make an early start on your Christmas presents (argh so soon, not yet December, stop it at once etc. etc.) and go check out those prints and things! Some of the prints are very short runs so there aren’t many left. If you see something you want, nab it now!

Give me a shout if you’d like one, or use the shopping basket if you prefer. Mmm online shopping, no need to go outside in the cold!

Here is Maggie, resolutely not going outside in the cold. Clever girl. She’s also nailed a rather accurate impression of me there.

Sketchbook social

Surprised bird by Lara CrowFancy bird by Lara CrowHello, what have you been up to recently? On Thursday I went to Sketchbook Social at Cafe 1001, which was part of the London Book and Screen week. It was a great night, with much listening to talented people talk about illustration plus some drinking and drawing nonsense. I especially loved watching people draw on the big screen in the room. It’s hypnotically calming!

Here are some of my scribblings from the evening. Turns out that drinking and drawing is excellent fun but not perhaps the way to produce my, er, most polished work!

Crazy cat lady by Lara CrowThis crazy cat lady was something I doodled because we were talking about stuff we struggle to draw and I have a confession to make. I like cats and I like drawing cats, but I don’t really understand how their bodies work. They must have a spine in there somewhere, but when people pick up cats they seem to just stretch like a big slinky or something! Yeah, I don’t really get it.

Hello! by Lara Crow

Oh and this guy. What the hell? He just popped up at the bottom of a more sensible drawing and made me laugh.

Many thanks to Vicky, Neil and Ken for the company and giraffe drawing lessons.

Quick update

snapI’m busy with some last minute Christmas sorting so this is just a quick post to say yey the fairs were so much fun! Thanks to everyone who came along, it was lovely chatting to you and seeing all the work at the fairs. I’ll do a longer post about them soon.

If anyone in Surbiton/Kingston needs to do some last minute shopping, I still have some framed prints and other bits and bobs so email me. I can deliver in the Surbiton area until 23rd Dec (woo!)

Have yourself a bloomin lovely Christmas!

Fairs fairs!

colouring peekAhah so this is what I was up to! Making some fun colouring books ready for an uber weekend of Christmas Fairs!

I’ll be at the Illustrator’s Fair in Kings Cross on Saturday 12th December. Come along and say hello! There will be loads of fab illustrators selling lovely stuff and workshops too. Then on Sunday I’ll be at The Lamb Christmas Market in Surbiton, where there will be much local crafty goodness and Christmassy cheer.

The Illustrator’s fair last year was great. I will be sharing a table again this year with the fabulous Jennie Vallis, now if I can just stop myself from buying all her stuff before the fair even starts…

birdiesThe Lamb Christmas market was also a total blast. I hope they have the same band this year, they were great.

I’ve got some prints that will be new for these fairs, as well as some tote bags, cards and other goodies. Not to mention a few of these little handmade dudes to sit on your christmas tree… so please spread the word and if you come along, mention the magic phrase: ‘I feel so gosh darn Christmassy dammit!’ and receive 10% off all my stock. Hooray!

Surbiton Festival

surb1Oh dear, it’s taken me ages to get around to blogging about it, but what an excellent day we had at the Surbiton Festival at the end of September! Many thanks to everyone who came along and said hello!

I had fun exhibiting by the Church on St Andrews Road (listening to the bell and watching the Vicar ringing it was pretty ace!) and it was great to have a chance to chat to people and see all the other stalls (which had some great artwork). The parade went right past the exhibition space as well. I love me a marching band.

Quite a few prints found new homes too which was a delightful bonus! In fact, someone bought a lonesome beast before I’d even finished putting up the exhibition. I like this enthusiasm!

Hope all those beasties are behaving themselves and don’t forget- if you want to buy a print or commission a papercut from me for a Christmas present, drop me a line! I can pop prints in a frame for you too if you live locally – ooo options! I’m working on some new things for the shop too, so stay tuned… more details soon.

Come say hello at the Surbiton festival

teefsA little sneaky look at more papery teefs!

I’ve been beavering away on some new things for the Surbiton festival and they are nearly ready! The teeny pointy teeth? Those were not unfiddly you guys.

I’ll be exhibiting some prints and new papercuts on Maple Road in Surbiton on Saturday (26th Sept) from about 10am- come say hello and see the finished beasties!

Christmas fair

lamb2Thought I’d write a belated update on what I’ve been up to besides eating too many mince pies and watching Die Hard.

In December I took part in the Made In Surbiton Christmas fair in The Lamb pub which is a bloomin lovely, cosy place. It was extra Christmassy at the time, what with fairy lights, a (fab) band getting people to sing along to songs and the smell of mulled (wine? Mulled something anyway) drifting about. Ooo it warmed my cockles!

I was a little nervous setting up, what with everyone else seeming to know each other and all the locals chilling out in the pub greeting each other like long lost friends- it all made me feel a bit like some damn outsider taking up a whole table of precious cosy room in the small pub! But actually everyone was super-welcoming and lovely!

It was great chatting and seeing some of the neat crafty stuff people are making. Thanks to everyone who came along and said hello- apologies if I sounded a bit gravelly towards the end of the evening, I was starting to lose my voice!

lamb1I always enjoy talking to people at fairs but also find it incredibly tiring! It’s partly that I’m one of those irritating introverted types, and spend a lot of time on the tube so tend to instinctively freeze in horror if someone starts talking to me! But I suppose I’m also just a bit out of practice at talking about my work.

I don’t want to come out with naff cliché answers to questions but I’m also aware that people might not want to stand around listening to a slightly confused ramble about the different things that influence me or how I work! They’re fun questions to answer though. I guess that’s a subject for another blog post.

One more thing to add: I loved that big solid hunk of a wooden table I had at the fair. I loved it so much- look at that grain, I mean, come off it. *Furniture swoon*

Exhibition is up!

Smaller-framesPhew! Sunday was a busy day of framing, kerfuffle, pondering heights, wrestling with string and losing the scissors (where are they now? WHERE ARE… oh wait here they are), but the exhibition is finally up!

It will be running from today until 4th August in The Press Room cafe in Surbiton. Seller of lovely cakes and tea (and I believe rather nice coffee too- alas if only I could drink it). A couple of minutes from the station, which is just 20 minutes from Waterloo.*

The Press Room staff were all rather lovely and understanding about me bumbling around, trailing bits of bubble wrap, tape and string and generally getting in their way while they were trying to clear up- thanks guys!


Here’s a picture of me wrangling the pictures up onto the hooks. Yeah that’s a whale cardigan. I am very fashionable.

It’s been a lot of work but great fun. I’m pretty happy with this group of beasties and I hope you get a chance to come meet them!

The framed prints are all available for sale in the Cafe, or unframed through my website shop. Ooo colourful monsters to brighten up your wall!

Give me a shout on Twitter (or email!) if you do pop by, I’d love to hear what you think of the exhibition or if you have any questions about my work. Ok so here’s one more photo from the shop- couldn’t resist putting up one of the lonesome monster, my poster boy!


* 20 minutes! Dang, that’s really no time at all, you should totally pop over, maybe get some cake, it’d be ace.