Twisty tree papercut

Oops, it’s been a while since I posted here, stupid things getting in the way of the drawing!

Here’s a little something I thought I’d share that I worked on recently for a front cover. The brief was quite vague- just something about branching. Other than that, the Editors were happy to let me run with it! Time constraints were a bit of a factor with this one but also having done some quite complicated covers recently, I fancied something a bit more restrained!

I’ll be updating the portfolio soon, so stay tuned for some more new work then, but for now, have a super-happy Easter!

Tree papercut by Lara Crow


Come say hello at the Surbiton festival

teefsA little sneaky look at more papery teefs!

I’ve been beavering away on some new things for the Surbiton festival and they are nearly ready! The teeny pointy teeth? Those were not unfiddly you guys.

I’ll be exhibiting some prints and new papercuts on Maple Road in Surbiton on Saturday (26th Sept) from about 10am- come say hello and see the finished beasties!

Working on something

Papercut by Lara CrowJust a quick post today as I’ve been pretty busy getting ready for the Surbiton Festival again! Last year was a blast so I’m exhibiting some of my work again this year. Fingers crossed for sunshine.

If you’re around on 26th September I’ll be on Maple Road with some other arty types, showing our work. Come say hello!

Here’s a little sneak peek at something I’m working on.
I had a great time at the Natural History Museum visiting Dippy… researching for this project. I bloomin love that museum.

Ooo, teefs! Stay tuned for more details soon.

Papercut commission

the-clawIn December I was commissioned to make a layery green papercut as a present for someone. Weeee papercut! This was good fun to work on, though a little challenging as due to an irritatingly extreme cough, I was ill during the week I had planned to work on it. Wielding a scalpel while coughing violently is not such a good idea I find.

I had to do it all in a bit of a mammoth paper cutting session over one weekend to make sure it was ready in time and boy did that mess up my hand! I virtually had a claw by the end of it. Claw Hand.

Here’s a little cartoon to show you the claw hand. (No, it didn’t really turn green thankfully! But the fingers did start to point in alarming directions for a bit… Yikes.)

I made a gif of the different layers for fun (what? Yes I am very cool and fun). Shame I forgot to take a photo before I glued the door and roof bits in. Nevermind, you get the idea.

The last image is the finished papercut in the cool glassy frame my client found. I thought it worked really well for this kind of design. Hopefully it is looking good and behaving itself in its new home!

I’m glad to say my claw hand has now fully recovered, so if you’re interested in commissioning one of these papery bad boys for yourself or a loved one, give me a shout!

Hot beverages papercut

It’s the last day of 2012 and I just thought I’d post this little papercut I made for myself- wise words from Dr Sheldon Cooper! It’s very important to bring an upset person a hot beverage. Tea is the best thing. Other acceptable options are hot chocolate and coffee with lots of cream in it. Cuppa soup is not ok. Just so you know.

Thanks for popping round to see me, hope you have a lovely new year! Right, I’m off to make some amaretto sours…

Papercut of quote: when people are upset, the social convention is to bring them a hot beverage.

Tesi and Mike’s wedding papercut

I’ve been wanting to share this for ages but it was a present and I had to wait until I had given it to Tesi, just in case I spoilt the surprise!

My lovely friends Tesi and Mike got married in Granada last year and I was lucky enough to be there! It was such a fabulous day and a beautiful place. Right now, in chilly, soggy, cloudy England, it seems even more lovely! *sigh*

So here is the papercut I made for them. The background is fabric with a gold pattern printed on it. I was going to use it with the gold side up, but for some reason I liked it better upside down!

Papercut of the words 'Tesi and Mike' with flowers, butterfly and swan

Here it is closer up!

Papercut of the words 'Tesi and Mike'