One of my favourite things to do in Zelda games

If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a bit of a Zelda fan. I bloomin love those games! I’m currently playing Skyward Sword and it’s lovely. I miss having my irritating fairy buddy around, but hey (listen! …Sorry couldn’t help it) you can’t have everything the same.

So what is one of my favourite things you ask? Truth is, I love to roll about as Link, especially up stairs. I dont know why, but it’s great! *

Here is a little doodle of some quality stair-rolling times. I fancied experimenting with a sketchier style and playing with different brushes in photoshop. Aww Link, he’s the best!

Illustration of Link from the Zelda games, rolling up stairs

* And I didn’t even say ‘that’s how I roll’! I’m being quite restrained today.

Alright, enough of this nonsense!

Crosshatched illustration of cat and bird holding a gun

Fraid I haven’t got the energy to do a more finished pic – feeling all flu-y and crappity. It snowed over easter but just a little bit so no snowmen for me. Droop.

So yes, this little bird is sick of the whole being stalked across the garden by a big fat cat and has taken matters into his own hands… or wings. Or whatever. Shh, I’m not well!