Travel diaries

New York travel diary!

Diary pages by Lara CrowI’ve added all the pages of my travel diary from visiting New York in one fell swoop! Hurrah! Go have a look here!

It was actually up yesterday but I forgot to tell anyone which was unhelpful of me, but what can I say? I got distracted re-watching the pilot of Sleepy Hollow. Yes I am suitably ashamed. But I love that stompy headless horseman.

Anyway, we had a lovely time in NY, seeing loads of iconic buildings, soaking up the atmosphere and snaffling excellent food and drink. Also catching up with my brother and his girlfriend, who we hadn’t seen for a couple of years since they moved to Toronto, so it was pretty special all round.

Thanks again NYC, you were beautiful and crazy and excellent in every way.

Diary is all done

diary-flipThat’s it! I just added the last few pages and you can check out the whole thing here. Hooray! Here is a little gif of all the pages for your entertainment.

I do these diaries partly because I have a bit of a poor memory. I remember the big things from a trip, but without drawing them, all the fun little things that happened while I was travelling would slip away, which is so frustrating. I have quite a visual brain, so keeping a diary works well for me. The daft scribbles help bring everything back way more powerfully than just words would!

So I guess they’re mostly for my benefit… but I hope you enjoyed seeing the pages too!

Anyway, thanks again Canada. As always, you are a bit lovely.

Oh and did the hound miss us? Nope, not one bit. She had a great time at Mum’s and seemed quite miffed to be back slumming it with us.

Travel diary week

N CageSteve and I went to Vancouver last year but I’ve been a bit (ok a lot!) slow getting the diary pages from our trip sorted. I’m going to be adding them this week! Hooray! There’s a couple up already and I’ll be adding new ones each day so stay tuned.

Follow our adventures in Canada. Bears! Pancakes! A wedding! A haunted house! And… Nicolas Cage.
Stop pulling that face Nicolas Cage.

I said stop.

Happy new year!

Happy new year! Hope you are all having most excellent 2016s so far! I had a lovely couple of weeks off doing nothing very demanding, here is a stupid comic about it. Sadly this actually happened because mulled wine is a bad influence on me and my bro Ryan. Mum puts up with a lot of crap. Sorry Mum!

xmas larger


If you would like to hear a sample of that most excellent dance music, you can listen to it here… oh dear.

Diary is nearly done!

Hum, so it’s been slow progress, but that Vancouver diary is almost done! All the pages are tidied up and I’ll be uploading them soon. It was quite strange for me working on some of these pages. We lost Maggie for a few days while we were in Canada but I sort of forgot how worrying it all was until going back over the pages! Yikes!

Anyway, more of that soon, but for now here is a little cartoon of a bear- no we didn’t get any bear spray, even though the place we were staying said it was a must! Eep. I did think about bears a lot though. Bears.

Bear cartoon by Lara Crow

Working on a travel diary

I’ve been a bit under the weather this weekend. Those stupid microbes insist on ruining my day! But I have had a chance to work on my Vancouver travel diary a bit. Lots of scanning and tidying up pages. But soon, soon it will be finished and you can read all about Steve’s and my adventures!

Until then, there are other diaries to rummage through up there in the menu. Also here’s a little snap shot from Vancouver day 3- visiting the aquarium! Aww cute octopus.

Octopus cartoon doodle