Wedding invites

Doug and Clare’s invite

Congratulations you guys! My lovely friends got married yesterday and it was fab! Having recovered from a slight hangover and sore feet from too much stupid dancing, I feel now is a good time to post their invite!

It was great fun to work on! Brutalist architecture is interesting, I’ve never really looked at it properly before. Doug and Clare had good ideas about what they wanted colour-wise (I love it when people know what they want!) and because I don’t usually use yellow and grey- it was a good challenge for me!

This was the front of the invite

Wedding invite illustration (front)

Here’s the infographic-y back!

Wedding invite illustration (back)

Our wedding invites!

As our guests have all received their invites now, there will be no spoilt surprises and I can add these to the site! We spent a long time wondering what to do and then decided to just go for the things that made us smile! Hurrah!

If only the robot was really coming to the festivities though!

Geeky wedding invite illustration with Zelda, Japanese cherry blossom and robot

Here are the panels closer so you can see some of the detail. First, our robot friend!

Details of wedding invite with Ghibli robot and mountain

Middle panel, with basic text (I love you guys, but am not sure I really want to share our address with the whole interweb!)

Detail of wedding invite with Zelda's Link character in a boat

And last, us under a tree! If you were wondering, Bluebear was my brother and his wife’s band- they played a fabulous set after dinner!

Detail of wedding invitation illustration with Japanese cherry blossom and couple holding hands

And here is how it turned out once printed- I was pleased with it!

Photo of the finished wedding invitation showing tri-fold shape