Expecto Patronum!

*Commissions are open for patronus portraits!*

Perfect for the Potter fan in your life, these are £25 each, for a one of a kind portrait!

Potterish portrait of SteveJust send me some info on:

  • your House (are you representing Ravenclaw, go go Gryffindor, a happy Hufflepuff or a friendly neighbourhood Slytherin?)
  • your patronus (not sure what it is? This is a good place to find out)
  • any pets you would like me to include
  • your interests (are you on the Quidditch team? Or would you be most likely found surrounded by books like everyone’s favourite bookworm, Hermione? Potions your thing? Or maybe herbology? Can’t fit too many in but mention your favs and I will give them a little nod)
  • a photo of your face so I can get the likeness right

I will send you a high resolution file, to print or use online as you wish! If you want a print in a frame, get in touch and I’ll see what I can do!

Let’s get started!

Potterish self portrait by Lara CrowPotter portrait by Lara Crow