Illustrators Fair

PrepSo it’s been a little quiet around here recently…
Where have I been you ask? Busy watching Indy films? Well… yes, but that’s beside the point. Last Sunday I was taking part in the Illustrators Fair at the House of Illustration! Ooph, I’ve been super busy and this is the first chance I’ve had to post about it!

With only two weeks to sort stuff, things got a little manic. There was a fair bit of rushing about and fun last minute games like oh wait, I don’t own a tablecloth! and where the hell have all my scissors been spirited away to? Steve got over-enthusiastic and ordered enough bubblewrap to post a small elephant.

Packing up my prints, papercuts and cards into a little wheely suitcase was an interesting bit of Tetris. Ouch, how did I lug all that to Kings Cross on the tube?


My super-talented friend Jennie and I shared a stall, which was great fun (if a little nerve wracking, it’s the first time I’ve done this sort of thing). Ah look at that lovely stall and its giant disapproving moon.

The fair had a great atmosphere- so many people showing interesting work and generally enthusing about illustration! It was good fun sitting at our stall, chatting to people and soaking up the cheerful vibes. The organisers did a great job making the place welcoming and easygoing!

There were also various talks and workshops throughout the day which I am kicking myself a little for missing- dah, next time I’ll have to be more organised!

I sold a few prints and cards which was a happy bonus. I’ll be adding the rest to a store which will be coming to the site SOOON. So come back and have a look!

Things I learnt:

  • Wear comfy shoes. I love my trainers so
  • Bring tea. More tea. All the tea… why is there no more tea?
  • People like to chat, so say hello! I’m not the most effortlessly extroverted type, but I really enjoyed seeing people respond to my work and chatting to them about their own stuff

Things I did not learn:

  • How to wrap small round mirrors neatly
  • To put the key to the cashbox somewhere sensible
  • How to sit on a tiny stool without looking like a strange gnome

Maggie approved of the free postcards (thanks Marcus!) with pictures of her on them.


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