Floating islands

I’ve been updating my portfolio recently with some front covers, though there’s still a lot to do! In the meantime I thought I’d share a more detailed pic from one of the covers I did for Nature last year.

The brief was to create an illustration about things being separate but connected, particularly by bridges. I quite often get fairly open-ended briefs like this and I’m really lucky that the Editors are very supportive about the ideas I come up with!

This is just a small section of the final image, (which you can see here in full) but I wanted to share it because I was really satisfied with the little details in the island itself, which got a bit lost in the larger image. It’s a bit of a new direction for me style-wise and I’m keen to explore it a bit more when I get a chance. Floaty islands!

Floating island cover by Lara Crow

Sleep deprivation

Ok it’s news to nobody but turns out that babies sometimes cry at night and you don’t sleep so good no more. Or write sentences so good no more.

I wanted to share some of the nonsense that happens after a few sleepless nights so here’s a little scribbly cartoon of a conversation I had with Steve… I’m actually quite nice usually, I promise!

Sleep deprivation cartoon by Lara Crow

Secret 7″ and moving house

Hey folks, been busy moving house but since unpacking boxes and weeding the garden don’t make very exciting pics, here’s something I worked on a while back for this year’s Secret 7″ exhibition. Sadly they didn’t go for this one, but it was great fun to work on. Nevermind little horse dude! I still like you.

Tame Impala record cover front by Lara Crow

I chose the Tame Impala song ‘The Less I know The Better’. Listen to the track here. It grew on me more and more as I listened to it and I wanted to do something that was a bit trippy, a little melancholy but also had a sense of humour which is how their song struck me. This lonesome horse and his skull buddy seemed to do the trick!

And a little pic for the back of the record sleeve- didn’t want to give away the song too much but I love that line! I think the horse’s expression sums up the irritation and general malaise of being told to pull yourself together by a skull. Oh shut up Trevor! I didn’t even invite you on this space voyage.

Tame Impala record cover back by Lara Crow

Sketchbook social

Surprised bird by Lara CrowFancy bird by Lara CrowHello, what have you been up to recently? On Thursday I went to Sketchbook Social at Cafe 1001, which was part of the London Book and Screen week. It was a great night, with much listening to talented people talk about illustration plus some drinking and drawing nonsense. I especially loved watching people draw on the big screen in the room. It’s hypnotically calming!

Here are some of my scribblings from the evening. Turns out that drinking and drawing is excellent fun but not perhaps the way to produce my, er, most polished work!

Crazy cat lady by Lara CrowThis crazy cat lady was something I doodled because we were talking about stuff we struggle to draw and I have a confession to make. I like cats and I like drawing cats, but I don’t really understand how their bodies work. They must have a spine in there somewhere, but when people pick up cats they seem to just stretch like a big slinky or something! Yeah, I don’t really get it.

Hello! by Lara Crow

Oh and this guy. What the hell? He just popped up at the bottom of a more sensible drawing and made me laugh.

Many thanks to Vicky, Neil and Ken for the company and giraffe drawing lessons.


I’ve been feeling a sort of manic joy about green ever since I saw the colour collective theme last week. Leaf greeeeen. I’ve not had a chance to participate in the Twitter colour challenge yet this year, one thing or another kept getting in the way, but hell no. I wasn’t going to miss this one, the shade was too good!

So here is the slightly crazed image I came up with. Wheeee! All the green, straight into your eyeballs. I was going to choose a more soothing background colour to compliment the leaf green and then I was like, pah! Weakling. Let’s have ALL THE GREEN like a big leafy slap in the face! Because that is sometimes how I roll.

Manic green by Lara Crow


Happy new year!

Happy new year! Hope you are all having most excellent 2016s so far! I had a lovely couple of weeks off doing nothing very demanding, here is a stupid comic about it. Sadly this actually happened because mulled wine is a bad influence on me and my bro Ryan. Mum puts up with a lot of crap. Sorry Mum!

xmas larger


If you would like to hear a sample of that most excellent dance music, you can listen to it here… oh dear.

Charity auction

350-crocHey! I’m auctioning a print of my worried little astro crocodile (and a pencil sketch as an extra goodie) for Save the Children UK. Hooray!

All proceeds go to charity, so why not have a little bid? You get a fun, signed, limited edition print for your wall and dosh goes to a great cause. Win-win.

I’m doing this as part of the Twitter Colour Collective, a very talented bunch of creative types who get together on Twitter to share their work, based on a different colour each week.

Have a look at some of the lovely stuff they are auctioning too. Ooooo arty goodness.

It’s been really great seeing so many illustrators get involved. Gives me faith in people. All the warm fuzzies. Feels really good! *sniff* What? Oh nothing. Just got something in my eye…

Only 4 days left, so don’t hang about!