Sleep deprivation

Ok it’s news to nobody but turns out that babies sometimes cry at night and you don’t sleep so good no more. Or write sentences so good no more.

I wanted to share some of the nonsense that happens after a few sleepless nights so here’s a little scribbly cartoon of a conversation I had with Steve… I’m actually quite nice usually, I promise!

Sleep deprivation cartoon by Lara Crow

Maggie, aka Gozer the destructor!

Here’s that doodle of some of the things Maggie has decided would be good to eat. The library book was a bit embarrassing but the librarian was surprisingly cool about the whole thing!

The only item that seemed to cause Maggie any problem was the nectarine stone. We had to take her to the vet and they gave her something to make her throw it up, as apparently nectarine stones contain arsenic- huh.

We still haven’t bought her a new basket.

Cartoon of things Maggie the dog eats by Lara Crow

Off Life quick draw!

On Thursday night I went along to Off Life‘s quickdraw event at the House of Illustration and had an excellent time scribbling away and chatting to people! Wish I hadn’t had to run home as soon as it ended. Off Life do a quickdraw most Thursdays on Twitter, so follow them and play along next time!

The basic idea is that they call out a theme and you have 15 minutes to draw something. Working quickly with pen and paper was good for me as I spend most of my time working digitally and probably rely a little too much on the good old undo function! Anyway, here’s some quick snaps of my doodles from the night.

Theme: my daily nemesis. This guy. Dah, I swear I had a cup of tea just a second ago!

sketch of a monster stealing a culpa by Lara CrowTheme: housewarming. I originally thought of a burning house but figured that lots of people would draw that, so I pondered it for a bit longer and for some reason imagined giants roasting houses on a spit. But hey they’re not total monsters- they shake the people out of the house first.

Doodle of cyclops toasting a house on a spit by Lara Crow Theme: what I think about while drawing. This one got a bit meta. I am often thinking argh, stupid stupid hands. Stupid pen! Stupid paper! Why won’t you do what I want you to do?

Sketch of a girl looking at her hands by Lara Crow

Theme: the other side of the computer screen. Haha, remember this guy? This pic got a bit scratchy and rough, perhaps it was the rage coming back after all this time. *shudder* Oh god, what if it’s still in there somewhere, just waiting for me to look like I am writing a list or a letter…

Sketch of those cursed paperclips! by Lara Crow


Gallery of Mo sneaky self-portrait

Self-portrait by Lara CrowIt’s November and I’m donating my time as a Gallery of Mo artist again- huzzah! It was loads of fun last year. I’m looking forward to seeing some more facial hair going on around this fair city too, come on gents it’s dapper and the ladies love it!

Here’s a little peek at my self-portrait for the gallery. Yeah that’s a tiny wolf on my head…
what of it?

Fancy a lovely portrait of yourself with a tache? Head over to the Gallery of Mo website and donate some dosh to a good cause! There are loads of great artists taking part.